eCoMove Applications

eCoMove developed and evaluated applications for eco-driving, fleet and traffic management that can deliver overall > 10% fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction in urban networks:

  • eco-pre-Trip Planning advising optimal departure time and greenest route, in combination with energy-relevant information about vehicle functions, for least impact journey;

  • ecoSmartDriving “virtual coach” providing dynamic green driving and routing guidance as well as on trip tips to tune vehicle functions for minimum fuel use, but also ecoPostTrip personalised recommendations based on driving record for eco-driving optimisation;

  • ecoMonitoring information derived from vehicles' post trip eco record is distributed in a fully anonymous way to the traffic control centre, to identify energy blackspots;

  • Dynamic ecoDriver Coaching for commercial vehicle drivers including training and incentive scheme;

  • ecoTour Planning for logistics companies to define eco-efficient tours considering drivers’ eco-performance, vehicle payload and road infrastructure status;

  • Truck ecoNavigation calculating the most fuel efficient route based on truck-specific attributes and traffic state information;

  • ecoAdaptive Balancing & Control strategies for energy-optimised traffic distribution at network and local levels, e.g. traffic signal optimisation (green waves);

  • ecoAdaptive Traveller Support to drivers by sending information on traffic state, route recommendations and speed profile data needed by on-board assistance systems;

  • ecoMotorway Management measures for energy-optimised flow management on the interurban network coupled with ramp metering and merging assistance at individual vehicle level.