The eCoMove project targets three main causes of avoidable energy use by road transport to bring fuel wastage to a minimum:

  • uninformed trip planning & route choice

  • unecological driving performance

  • inefficient traffic management & control

Tackling these inefficiencies means finding solutions to support the:

  • Driver to apply the appropriate driving strategy in order to use the least possible fuel by finding the “greenest” route, the most economical use of vehicle functions, the best path through surrounding traffic and how to negotiate the next traffic signals with least chance of stopping;

  • Fleet manager to adopt a self-learning “driver coaching system” based on incentives for energy efficiency gains, and a cooperative planning/routing system that selects the most economical route for deliveries;

  • Traffic manager to optimise traffic lights phases and apply other traffic control measures so that the ensemble of vehicles in the network consumes the least possible energy, e.g. by granting priority to energy-greedy vehicles to avoid unecessary stops.