SP3 ecoSmart Driving

One of the major causes of fuel waste is driving behaviour: drivers do no have sufficient information on the driving context and sufficient awareness of how much their driving style is wasting fuel unnecessarily.

The ecoSmartDriving applications are based on existing and novel information functions that can be provided by traffic management, other vehicles, advanced navigation systems and in-vehicle systems. All information are combined in specific support functions for driving in an “eco-modality” and are provided to drivers as pre-trip and on-trip information, and post-trip feedbacks.

Drivers are assisted “before, during and after" driving with dedicated eco-applications that:

  • make all drivers aware of how to drive in an optimal way to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to a minimum;
  • gives drivers needed contextualised information and instructions to adopt and maintain an eco-driving behaviour.

ecoSmart Driving applications

  1. eco-pre-Trip Planning
    For any given start and destination points, and for defined time window for departure or arrival, the application calculates optimal start time and route, based on ecoMap, car and driver's characteristics, so as to minimize environmental impact of the journey;
  2. ecoSmart Driving
    - dynamic green routing to select the route with the lowest fuel consumption/CO2 emission;
    eco-driving assist function providing dynamic advice, e.g. suggested advance speed, gear shift, acceleration, consumption prediction;
    eco information function related to other in-vehicle conditions that may affect fuel consumption, e.g. air conditioning, tyre pressure, etc;
  3. ecoPostTrip
    Feedbacks on how ecologically the driver has been driving, which will also constitute an information database to be provided anonymously to traffic control centres.          

Sub-project Team

SP Leader: Luisa Andreone (Centro Ricerche Fiat)