With main goal to improve air quality through the use of "smarter" transport, the AERIS research program aims to generate and acquire environmentally-relevant real-time transportation data, and use these data to create actionable information that facilitate applications for the environment.

Employing a multi-modal approach, the AERIS program will work in partnership with the vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications research effort to better define how connected vehicle data and applications might contribute to mitigating some of the negative environmental impacts of surface transportation.

From a governmental point of view, there is the need to make data available not only to allow travelers to make efficient but also "green" transportation choices. The basic research questions for this relate to data availability and how to use data to obtain useful information, connectivity aspects and the potential benefits that can be realised. To assist the development of useful applications to support travellers, 6 transformative concepts were developed.

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