The COMeSafety2 project is an EC-funded Support Action (7th Framework Programme) providing information to the EC about relevant technical and organisational matters related to vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications as the basis for co-operative intelligent road transport systems. The project builds on the results of the COMeSafety Support Action in FP6 (2006-2009).

The overall goal of COMeSafety is to support realisation and possible deployment of cooperative communication-based active safety systems: it is dedicated to foster wide agreement on technical issues, but also on deployment strategies.

The project will support and coordinate the development of the necessary standards towards the realisation of cooperative systems on European roads, under the ITS standardisation mandate at ETSI and CEN. It will support EU-US international cooperation, exploiting intercontinental synergies of field operational tests. The project will also push the finalisation and implementation of the European ITS Communications Architecture.  

The project will provide a platform to bring together all stakeholders to agree on technical solutions, create roadmaps and research agendas to address open technical issues, explore new fields and develop further innovations.

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