The objective of this 3-year (2011-2014) EC-funded project is to carry out large-scale field operational tests of cooperative systems to evaluate under real-world conditions their impact on user behaviour, traffic flow, safety, the environment and society, at test sites in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

In addition to impacts, other important areas of testing are technical functionality and the robustness of the systems under adverse conditions. The user feedback and the results from technical tests will enable the creation of realistic business models to pave the way for market implementation.

The project will bind together and harmonise existing European test sites according to mutually agreed methodological and operational procedures. To develop and implement its methodology, the project will build on previous work carried out in PRE-DRIVE C2X (completed in 2010), which developed an integrated simulation model for cooperative systems enabling a holistic approach for the estimation of the expected benefits in terms of safety, efficiency and the environment.

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