ECOSTAND is a Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Commission (EC) under its Seventh Framework programme (FP7). The project (November 2010 – October 2013) is supported by the EC’s Directorate General for Information Society and Media (DG-INFSO).

The overall purpose of ECOSTAND is to provide support for an agreement between the European Union, Japan and the United States on a common assessment methodology for determining the impacts of Intelligent Transport Systems on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. The project was established to actively support already existing bilateral activities between the EC and Japan and the EC and the USA, and to enhance trilateral cooperation in working towards standardisation.

ECOSTAND's main output will be the formulation of (i) policy advice, in the form of a "roadmap" and (ii) a joint research agenda to identify gaps in the understanding and to propose solutions to enable the methodology to be developed.

These will be achieved through a series of international symposia, rotating amongst the three regions, which will serve as a forum for exchanging information, culminating in the production of recommendations & reports. ECOSTAND serves as a "portal" between eco-related European projects and the Japanese and American counterparts bringing valuable knowledge to these workshops.

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