FREILOT is an EC-funded Pilot that started in April 2009 for a duration of 2 years and an half. Pilots Type B are specific funding instruments which focus is the validation at real scale or deployment of service.

The FREILOT services aim to increase energy efficiency in road goods transport in urban areas:

  1. Energy efficiency optimised intersection control
  2. Adaptive acceleration and speed limiters
  3. Enhanced “green driving” support
  4. Real-time loading/delivery space booking

The general idea is that cities will implement priority for trucks at certain intersections (on certain roads and/or certain times of day) and provide this priority as incentive to the truck fleets which implement acceleration, speed limiters and provide eco-driving support to their drivers. In addition, cities will also provide possibilities to dynamically book and re-schedule delivery spaces.

The services will be piloted in four European implementations: Lyon-France, Helmond-Netherlands, Krakow-Poland and Bilbao-Spain, to demonstrate up to 25% reduction of fuel consumption.

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