eCoMove Press Releases


Partner Press Release: Volvo finds eco-driving improves fuel economy 10-15% in trucks

16 December 2013

A driver who has mastered eco-driving can substantially reduce fuel consumption and thereby reduce carbon emissions. The Volvo Group has conducted research on a system, whereby technology aids the driver in driving in an even more environmentally economical manner.



Partner Press Release: NEC to participate in the final event of the EU FP7 eCoMove project

20 November 2013



eCoMove Press Release: European project eCoMove solutions can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

20 November 2013



Partner Press Release: PTV investigates green ITS solutions / PTV erforscht grüne ITS-Lösungen

25 February 2011

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eCoMove Press Release: Innovative technologies to achieve up to 20% reduction in road transport fuel consumption

07 June 2010

The 3-year European funded research project eCoMove will develop, test and evaluate a number of ‘green’ transport technologies and applications that will potentially deliver up to 20% CO2 emissions reductions. The eCoMove vision is that of the “perfect eco-driver” travelling through the “perfectly eco-managed” road network. The project will be using the state of the art vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies (so called cooperative systems), to integrate for the first time systems to support “eco-driving” with those for “eco-traffic management”.


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