International Congress 2011

38th Annual Congress ATEC-ITS France

2-3 February 2011

Versailles, France

ATEC-ITS France is the association is the French forum fully dedicated to the development and promotion of « intelligent » transport systems. This event provides excellent opportunity for the road, urban, interurban, people and freight transport actors to meet. In link with the Congress, the ATEXPO exhibition is an occasion for exhibitors to demonstrate their expertise and present their activities, their products, their services, their equipment and their transport systems in the field of ITS, to a public of experts.

The event theme was « Transport, Environment, Traffic : which partnerships, which services ? ». The international partnerships, the European cohesion, the widening of markets make it necessary to consider carefully the transferability and the compatibility of products and procedures in various contexts. The international ATEC Congress of 2011 will allow to specify those stakes, in focusing particularly on 4 axis on how to approach it, which are relevant for the transport of people and of goods and cover logistic aspects as well:

  • Technologies and performances
  • Policy and partnership
  • Innovation and services
  • Forecasting and assessment

Participation of eCoMove


Presentation "Les systèmes coopératifs au service de l'efficacité énergétique du système de transport", by Jérôme Wabinski, ASF