15-17 April 2013

Diamant Centre, Brussels, Belgium


The eCoMove, COMeSafety2, ECOSTAND and Amitran projects have taken the initiative to co-organise a concertation meeting of EC-funded projects in the field of ITS for energy efficiency, to raise better understanding of the various “green” applications developed in these projects, their differences and commonalities, and to discuss about how to harmonize them as well as the methodology for their impact assessment.

Moreover efforts to converge towards a common European architecture for the deployment of cooperative ITS (C-ITS) are continuing, assisted by the COMeSafety2 support action. Ongoing C-ITS research and pilot projects such as eCoMove, DriveC2X, FOTsis, Compass4D and Co-Cities are building on the results of earlier programmes and validating a wider range of C-ITS applications and services. As we get closer to deployment, potential investors are looking for guidance on how to put together the different technologies into a whole that delivers benefits for stakeholders and value for users.

This workshop on C-ITS architecture for deployment will survey the architectures implemented in today’s C-ITS projects and examine the needs and options for harmonisation towards a common European architecture, and how to achieve it. All current C-ITS projects are invited, and everyone is welcome who is planning or thinking about deploying C-ITS in the future.

This concertation meeting is organised in conjunction with the iMobility Forum 3rd Plenary Meeting, which programme includes a focus on international cooperation on ITS for energy efficiency, so that concertation meeting participants can join this complementary part of the iMobility Forum Plenary.


Download the concertation workshop report


15 April 2013
Session A
Session A – Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) architecture harmonisation - Introduction (Paul Kompfner, ERTICO)
E-FRAME (Alexander Frötscher, AustriaTech) Download
Compass4D (Gonzalo Alcaraz, SWARCO; Siebe Turksma, Peek Traffic) Download
eCoMove (Ola Martin Lykkja, Q-Free) Download
FOTsis (José Manuel Menéndez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) Download
Europtima (João Almeida, CARD4B Systems) Download
NEARCTIS (Nour-Eddin El Faouzi, IFSTTAR) Download
Session B
Session B – Energy Efficiency applications - Introduction (Jean-Charles Pandazis, ERTICO) Download
Eco-driving (Detlef Kuck, Ford Research Centre) Download
Navigation (Stéphane Dreher, Nokia) Download
Traffic management (Paul Mathias, MAT.Traffic) Download
Logistics (Thomas Benz, PTV) Download
Amitran project presentation (Gerdien Klunder, TNO) Download
ECOSTAND project presentation (Martijn de Kievit, TNO) Download
16 April 2013
Session A
Co-Cities (Alexander Frötscher, AustriaTech) Download
COMeSafety2 (Paul Kompfner, ERTICO – ITS Europe) Download
Standardisation Development Organisations (Hans-Joachim Fischer, ESF) Download
FOT-Net (Yvonne Barnard, ERTICO – ITS Europe) Download
Session B
Session B – Energy efficiency assessment led by Amitran (Gerdien Klunder, TNO) Download
Challenges encountered in FREILOT project (Siebe Turksma, Peek) Download
eCompass project (Christos Zaroliagis , Computer Technology Institute & Press "Diophantus") Download
eCoMove project (Philipp Gika, DLR) Download
COSMO project (Txomin Rodriguez, Tecnalia) Download
SmartCEM project (Txomin Rodriguez, Tecnalia) Download
DriveC2X (Anna Schirokoff, VTT) Download
ICT Emissions (Hermann Heich, Heich Consult) Download
SUNSET (Marcel Bijlsma, Novay) Download
17 April 2013
ECOSTAND Roadmap (Roberta Marino, Swarco Mizar) Download