CONDUITS City Pool Workshop

23-24 March 2011

Paris, France

The 2nd CONDUITS Technical Workshop featured the attendance of the following cities: Athens (Greece), Barcelona (Spain), Bilbao (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Haifa (Israel), Istanbul (Turkey), London (UK), Paris (France), Rome (Italy), Sheffield (UK), Stuttgart (Germany), Talinn (Estonia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Toulouse (France), Turin (Italy) and Zurich (Switzerland).

The objective of the workshop was to update the city representatives on the results of the WP 2 study, which looked at the future plans of European cities in ITS, and to present the formulated methodology of Key Perfomance Indicators (KPIs) (WP 3) and gather feedback from the cities with respect to their application. The workshop also featured a number of presentations from other relevant projects and initiatives.

Participation of eCoMove

Presentation “Trade-offs in energy efficient traffic management strategies, by Jaap Vreeswijk, Peek Traffic