Cooperative Services Workshop

- 19 Jun 2012


Cooperative Systems: Today, Tomorrow and Forever?

Automotive Campus NL, Helmond, The Netherlands

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Join public authorities and road operators, haulage operators, ITS experts and EU representatives at this  workshop co-organised by eCoMove and FREILOT projects to explore the cooperative services in the present… and the future!

The Cooperative Services workshop will present and debate FREILOT results, successes – and problems overcome, as well as the next generation of cooperative services for eco-traffic management developed in eCoMove. A full demo tour will enable visitors to experience FREILOT in action and a simulator will give them an impression of how eCoMove future services may improve the whole driving experience.

FREILOT started off in April 2009 as one of Europe’s first CIP pilot projects for transport. The aim was to drastically increase energy efficiency in road goods transport in urban areas through the use of cooperative ITS technologies – and to create the conditions for the business implementation of the piloted services. The project will conclude in September 2012 and present its main results and best practices during the workshop, "passing the torch" to eCoMove, which is using the same platform.