EasyWay Annual Forum 2010

16 Nov 2010 - 18 Nov 2010

Lisbon, Portugal



This year edition occured under the theme of deploying harmonized ITS Services across Trans European corridors and its interfaces with major cities and other transport modes.

EasyWay vision of how to do more for delivering harmonized ITS services to optimize the road users experience across Europe is by creating seamless traffic management policies for road operators; improving freight and logistics with better management and planning services; connecting infrastructures regardless of national borders; and, finally, by taking the first steps towards cooperative systems.

Deployment of Core European ITS services and supporting ICT infrastructure is the core of the EasyWay project. This deployment will follow a concerted approach aiming at interoperable and harmonized services across Europe. In the first phase of EasyWay, carried out in 2007-2009, the partners have developed a framework for coordinated deployment including detailed Deployment Guidelines for Core European ITS Services. These Deployment Guidelines form the basis for ITS deployment in EasyWay Phase II.


Participation of eCoMove

TM-4. Session on Corridor and networks

FP7 European project eCoMove - Paving the way to deployment of cooperative systems for energy efficiency on ASF motorway network, Ludovic Broquereau

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Technical Sessions 4 - CoSy

Energy efficient traffic management and control, Siebe Turksma

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