Elektronik 2011

- 12 Oct 2011


15. VDI-Kongress “Elektronik im Kraftfahrzeug”

Baden-Baden, Germany



The 15th International VDI Congress – Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles took place in Baden Baden, Germany on 12 and 13 October 2011. The event attendance was a sell-out with 1350 delegates and 105 exhibitors. Topics were clustered around E-mobility, Connected Car, Driver Assistance and Functional Safety. Unsurprisingly, with E-mobility being one of the most dynamic and high-profile discussion points in the automotive industry, this was a particular focal point for the presentations and further emphasized by the electric and hybrid cars, and electric bicycles, on display in front of the Baden-Baden Kongresshaus venue. This report provides insights into some of the events key discussion themes.

Participation of eCoMove

Paper "Requirements of driver assistance systems and C2X applications aiming to reduce CO2 emissions – results of a trans-European study within the EU project eCoMove" (German only)