EUCAR Conference

Collaborative R&D for Automotive Innovation

9 November 2010

Brussels, Belgium

The European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR) Annual Reception & Conference reiterated the continuing need for dedicated automotive R&D programmes in the EU to give a clear focus to the sector’s contribution to the Grand Challenge of sustainable mobility. It underlined how the European automotive industry has worked in partnership to build an R&D platform for innovation in greener and safer vehicles, concepts to enhance future mobility and competitiveness in the global market.

To ensure that automotive R&D is oriented towards providing effective solutions, expert input to the EU Framework Programmes is essential. A panel featuring representatives of the European Commission, automotive suppliers, the energy industry and automotive manufacturers debated the future of Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles. They highlighted that a number of vehicle technologies will be needed to ensure sustainable mobility of people and goods, including continued development of internal combustion engines, further electrification of the vehicle and low carbon biofuels.

Further sessions on the topics mobility & transport, integrated safety and fuels & powertrain brought together senior R&D executives of the European automotive manufacturers with other experts from the industry and the research community. They discussed the research needs in these priority areas and demonstrated the valuable results from current collaborative R&D projects, to be exploited for further development or to feed innovation in new products and services.

Participation of eCoMove

Urban Mobility & Transport – Session and R&D projects

eCoMove project overview by Jean-Charles Pandazis, ERTICO - ITS Europe

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