29 Jun 2011 - 01 Jul 2011


IEEE Forum on Integrated and Sustainable Transportation Systems     


Reed Messe, Vienna, Austria

The increasing demand for transportation will have a significant impact on the environment unless methods for keeping the impact within acceptable limits can be found. Transportation of goods and people plays a vital role in the lives of everyone and in virtually all businesses on earth. The cost of transportation, both personal and freight, accounts for a significant share in the global economy.

Which technologies, knowledge and expertise can support politicians and people to achieve the ambitious plans for sustainable mobility without negative impact to the prosperous development of their economies and the environment? FISTS aims to address these issues primarily from the technological point of view keeping economic, environmental and human aspects into consideration. It also encourages the discussion between politics, industry, academics with focus to technology.

Program topics include:

- Sustainable Land Transportation

  • Traffic Management
  • Traveller Information Services
  • Traffic Data Collection and Analysis
  • Traffic Estimation/Prediction
  • ECO-Friendly ITS programs
  • Innovative Transit Systems
  • Innovative Goods Movement Systems

- Innovative Energy Management

- Integrated Systems

  • Co-operative Systems
  • Innovative Multi-Modal Travel Solutions
  • Transportation Infrastructure Issues

- Environmental Issues

  • Transport Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Transport Air Pollutant Emissions

- Efficient Capacity Management of Roads

Participation of eCoMove

Special Session European Environmental Research Programs (Track D)/ ITS Energy Symposium

30 June 2011, R1D Stolz 2

Presentation "Assessment Tools & Validation of the eCoMove Program", by Isabel Wilmink, TNO