13th International IEEE Annual Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

19-22 September 2010, Funchal, Madeira-Portugal

This conference is focusing on research and applications of leading advances in communications, computer, control, and electronics technologies related to ITS. It is an international forum that brings together professionals from the fields of traffic engineering, information technology, automotive engineering, as well as many other ITS-related fields.
Participation of eCoMove

Session "Intelligent, Energy-efficient, and Green Infrastructure" (TB1), Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 14:30−14:50, Buzio I

"Energy efficient traffic management and control - The eCoMove approach and expected benefits"

Transportation is an important contributor to environmental problems like declining air quality. Current traffic measures seek to optimize travel times, but fall short on the ideal of an ecologically friendly traffic system. The European research project eCoMove aims to reduce the overall fuel consumption in traffic by 20 percent by means of energy efficient driving behavior and energy efficient traffic management and control. This paper contributes to the understanding of the feasibility of this goal. Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication is a key element in the vision of eCoMove. In this paper the eCoMove concepts are presented by means of an in-depth look on the eco Adaptive Balancing and Control system. Preliminary studies on rerouting, green priority and speed advice at signalized intersections indicate signification environmental benefits.

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