ITS Vienna 2012

22 Oct 2012 - 26 Oct 2012


19th ITS World Congress

Messe Wien, Vienna, Austria

As the focal point of global ITS knowledge, the 2012 Congress displayed the world’s latest developments in Intelligent Transport Systems and innovative mobility solutions. In its 2011 Transport White Paper, the European Commission called for a major reduction in the oil dependency and CO2 output of transport, better integration of transport modes and new models for passenger and freight transport;  and thus the 2012 edition of the ITS World Congress focused on how ITS can help achieve these challenges, namely true multi-modal travel and energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility.

eCoMove had a strong presence, not only in the conference (see hereunder) but also at the Congress exhibition, where the project premiered its video and three demonstrators showed the potential of cooperative ITS for energy efficiency:

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1. On a truck driver simulator, visitors could experience the ecoDriverCoaching application in urban environment, showing how, thanks to cooperative systems, the truck driver can receive on-trip advices to anticipate traffic situations and improve his fuel efficiency;


2. Sitting in one of our test vehicles equipped with innovative human-machine interface, including haptic gas pedal, visitors received eco-driving feedback synchronised with a pre-filmed real life test drive, displayed on a screen in front of the car; the system gave speed and gear shifting advices in certain situations. Additionally the virtual position of the vehicle was shown on a navigation system. The visual information of the HMI and navigation was also shown on the video screen so that visitors outside of the vehicle had the possibility to follow the interactive HMI;


3. Through an interactive Microsoft Surface Touch table demonstration, visitors were able to experience a holistic approach to eco-friendly cooperative mobility. Demonstrated scenarios presented benefits of eCoMove solutions on network and local intersection levels, as well the benefits for the driver and fleet operator, by showing the “without” and “with” eCoMove situations. In addition, visitors were able to learn about other related work done in Europe and also get a first feeling of the costs and benefits the local authorities can expect for deploying cooperative solutions in their city.

On 24 October, Isabel Wilmink, eCoMove Evaluation Manager, made a presentation (“eCoMove: How to make cooperative systems eco-friendly”) on the iMobility Forum exhibition stand (as the flagship project representing the iMobility Forum Working Group for Clean and Efficient Mobility).


Finally 11 eCoMove-related papers got presented and the project co-organised 3 Special Sessions on eco-driving, energy efficient logistics and Cooperative energy efficiency applications.

Participation of eCoMove

  • Conference sessions

- TS006 - Eco-traffic management (1)

Paper EU-00188 "Traffic network simulation environment for the co-operative eCoMove system", Paul Mathias, MAT.TRAFFIC, Germany

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- TS021 - Eco-traffic management (2)

Paper EU-00218 "eStraM: a dynamical real-time model for strategic eco-Routing and Hot-spot identification", Yusen Chen, TNO, The Netherlands

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- SIS 41 - Human Machine Interface to encourage an environmentally friendly driving behaviour

Environmentally friendly driving is becoming an increasingly important topic among the ITS community in part because of its potential role in helping to mitigate climate change. Eco-driving tackles driving inefficiencies in order to maximise energy efficiency, avoid unnecessary emissions and improve traffic flows without compromising safety. This special session depicts practical examples of human machine interfaces (HMI) that encourage such eco driving behaviour. The session encompasses passenger cars and heavy vehicles, and explores the links between different HMI options and the desired behavioural change. Speakers present the latest results as obtained by different projects from Europe, United States and Japan.

ecoSmartDriving HMI, Mr Martin Brockmann, Ford Motor Company (eCoMove)

The ecoDriver project, Mr Rino Brouwer, TNO Mobiliteit (ecoDriver)

HMI for Enhanced bus intersection logistics and Congestion prevention with eco driver support, Mr Johan Jarlengrip, Volvo Group Trucks Technology (COSMO)

HMI for drivers’ assist from cloud data analysis, Mr Kazunari Nawa, Toyota InfoTechnology Center

The design, implementation and evaluation of a SMART driving assistance application, Mr Mark Fowkes, MIRA Limited (Foot-LITE)

- TS075 - Traffic control - Non urban

Paper EU-00628 "Cooperative ITS messages for green mobility: An overview from the eCoMove project", Francesco Alesiani, NEC Europe Ltd., Germany

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- TS084 - Eco-driving and eco-routing (1)

Paper EU-00192 "Validation methodology focussing on fuel efficiency as applied in the eCoMove project", Philipp Themann, IKA, Germany

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Paper EU-00374 "Ecodriving support based on cooperative prediction models", Philipp Themann, IKA, Germany

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- TS101 - Traffic control - Systems (2)

Paper EU-00450 "Uniform control targets and balanced strategies for traffic network management", Jaap Vreeswijk, Peek Traffic bv, The Netherlands

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- IS05 - Cooperative mobility

Paper EU-00367 "Reducing CO2 emissions by optimizing traffic through synergy in ITS", Robin Mastenbroek, Logica, The Netherlands

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- SIS63 - Bringing energy efficiency into goods transport

Goods transport is accountable for 30% to 40% of road sector emissions. Various factors affect the specific energy consumption of freight transport and operation: vehicle/driver performance, delivery planning & routing, load sharing, etc. The potential of ICT applications targeting a more energy-efficient mobility of goods is high. Several initiatives in Europe (eCoMove, CITYLOG, Instant Mobility and FREILOT), as well as two US based projects, CVII and Trusted Truck(R), have developed and deployed cooperative ITS solutions for green logistics scenarios; they will present their experience and findings in this session.

Sustainability and efficiency of city logistics, Mrs Luisa Andreone, Centro Ricerche Fiat (CityLog)

Innovations for Green Logistics, Mr Florian Krietsch, PTV (eCoMove)

Sustainable Commercial Transportation, Mr Jan Hellåker Vice, Volvo Group Trucks Technology Advanced Technology & Research

Smart city logistics – three views, one goal, Mr. Ahmed Nasr Nokia Location & Commerce (Instant Mobility)

- SIS78 - Global perspectives – Cooperation energy efficiency applications

The potential of in-vehicle and traffic management applications to cut down fuel consumption and emission has been widely acknowledged. Especially if they act in collaboration and interaction-effects create synergies both within and between domains. Cooperative technology plays a central role. This session offers an overview of results from pilots and validation activities, successful applications and deployment aspects. On the basis of empirical findings speakers will address interaction-effects cross domains and indicate whether re-bound effects and/or synergies exist. The session converges to a global research agenda for ongoing and future activities.

Evaluation Method of CO2 Emission Reduction with ITS Applications, Dr. Takashi Oguchi, The University of Tokyo (Energy ITS project)

Transportation Sustainability: What can ITS Offer?, Prof Hesham Rakha, Virginia Tech

ecoSmartDriving solutions for passenger cars, Mrs Luisa Andreone Centro Ricerche Fiat (eCoMove)

Cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance System for Green Cars, Mr Burak Onur, TEMSA Global (ECOGEM)

- IS06 - Environmental aspects

Paper EU-00094 "The co-operative traffic light control approach of the eCoMove system", Jonas Lüßmann, Technical University Munich, Germany

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Paper EU-00184 "Driver reactions on ecological driver feedback via different HMI modalities", Maria Staubach, DLR, Germany

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Paper EU-00378 "Innovative motorway management in eCoMove project", Franck Petit, COFIROUTE, France

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Paper EU-00414 "eCoMove communication platform", Ola Martin Lykkja, Q-Free ASA, Norway

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