mobil.TUM 2011

07 Apr 2011 - 08 Apr 2011


Making Sustainable Mobilities Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 25

Munich, Germany


The conference ‘Making Sustainable Mobility’ starts from the assumption that the aims of sustainable mobility and transport are suitable for meeting today´s challenges, namely: demographics, climate change, energy scarcities, social inequalities, and the shortage of public households.

Decisions in transport policy have impacts on everybody’s life. Changing current unsustainable mobility patterns requires changes in daily routines, institutional and corporate practices. Therefore, scientific discussion and consensus concerning questions of sustainable development are inevitable.

Designing sustainable transportation systems requires profound knowledge about the social, environmental, ecological and institutional complexities of mobility and travel. Against this background, the overall aim of this conference is to allow different disciplines to discuss and work together productively on this ambitious concept of sustainable mobility.


Participation of eCoMove

Parallel session 8 Transport and environment

8 April 2011, 11:30 – 13:00

"Cooperative mobility for energy efficiency – achieving a perfect eco driver in a perfect eco-managed road network", Lüßmann, J.; Schendzielorz, T.

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